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GROOVE FUNNELS REVIEW - How to Get GrooveFunnels for FREE

On this Groove Funnels review page, you will learn the benefits of having GrooveFunnels that will help you to grow your business on the internet. At this time, this is a one platform that has many digital marketing tools you would ever need. So, it is not just a website builder, but also a funnel builder, video hosting site, membership site, e-commerce solution and it even has build in autoresponder. There are still many tools that are comming up, so you can be sure that GrooveFunnels is always evolving marketing platform for all you business needs.


Groove Funnels first started not too long ago as a direct competitor to funnel builders like Clickfunnels, but they wanted to do more than just build funnels. At first they launched GrooveKart, which is an e-commerce solution to take payments online, so you can sell your goods or services to customers online. The aim is to compete with SHOPIFY plaftorm.

Later they have introduced GroovePages, which is an easy to use website builder, this will allow you to create beautiful webpages for your business without the need of hiring a webmaster or an expensive web site design agency.

As with any new project, even Groove made several mistakes and they did learn from. So if you have ever heard about GrooveApps, don't worry. It was the first brand name the guys behind this concept wanted to represent themselves.

But that is a past. Let's focus on NOW and the FUTURE and you can see that the future for GrooveFunnels is really bright. And they are just getting started!

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GrooveFunnels Review: What features are inside?

As described above, GrooveFunnels are meant to have all the marketing tools you might ever need to build a business online. (At least that is how they market themselves). 

With this aim, they want to directly compete with more established company called Builderall, which is already doing what Groove wants to do. So, they will have to jump over many hurdles, because to get all the tools under one roof is not an easy task. For now, Builderall is way better alternative, eventhough you need to invest in a monthly membership fee.

At this moment GrooveFunnels are still in BETA mode, that means they are working on the system on the go, allowing new members to get FREE ACCOUNTS, so they will help the developer's team to find new bugs and make the system better.

Because of that they also offer ONE TIME UPGRADE FEE, which will allow you to never pay anything in the future, even when GrooveFunnels will be offered as a monthy membership. And that is the reason many internet marketers are jumping on this special one time fee, so they could save lots of money in the long-run.

Groove Apps: List of Applications Inside GrooveFunnels

  • GroovePages

  • GrooveMail

  • GrooveSell

  • GrooveMember

  • GrooveVideo

  • GrooveBlog

  • GrooveAffiliate

  • GrooveDesk

  • GrooveSurvey

  • GrooveCalendar

  • GrooveWebinar

  • GrooveKart

  • GrooveSales

  • and more...


    • Small businesses that want to attract free visitors to their local business.

    • Consultants and agencies who want to jumpstart their, or their clients', lead generation.

    • Affiliate marketers who want to take their business to the next level that will accelerate their results and save lots of money on "internet marketing tools" they need to scale!

    • Freelancers who want a proven system for growing a steady stream of more and better clients.

    • Coaches who don't want to rely on word-of-mouth and networking events to find their next client.


    • Local brick and mortar businesses that believe they don't need a website

    • Someone who is just dabbling in marketing and doesn't see the value of investing in a complete internet marketing platform as a way to grow their customer list.

    • Someone who believes they will instantly have a 6 or 7 figure business simply because they enrolled.

    GrooveFunnels Review: Marketing Tools Explained

    Let's take a look at the marketing tools that are included inside the Groove Funnels digital marketing platform.

    On this Groove Funnels review, I would like to introduce you to each of the tools that you can be using if you decide to go for the LIFETIME GrooveFunnels update to PREMIUM account. Because the FREE account is extremely limited - you can only create 3 sites, but have no mail functionality, no selling system etc...

    So let's go over the tools. Only by knowing how GrooveFunnels can help you to grow your business, you can make an educated decission about getting this deal or passing it... later I will also be sharing with you a viable GrooveFunnels alternative.

    Groove Pages

    This is the tool that will help you to create websites and landing pages for your business. Inside your Groove account, you will be able to either start from scratch using the BLANK TEMPLATE or you can choose to start with a PRE-DESIGNED TEMPLATE, which you can further customize according to your needs.

    With Groove Pages, you don't really need to rely on your webmaster to make the changes for you and thus save lot's of money on web design services. In today's day and age, everyone can create their own websites without needing to know how to code. And GroovePages will make it even easier.

    If you would not know how to use their WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) builder, don't worry, there are plenty of instruction on how to use it. And you can always send a support ticket and someone will help you out.

    Groove Sell

    This is a pretty need tool for anyone, who needs a payment gateway to take payments online. It is pretty easy to set up and you can start selling your physical products, digital products and services online. And believe me, accepting credit cards online will produce more sales for you. 

    And this is really cool about this tool. You no longer need to go out and find online payment processors and try to integrate them for your business, because this is already integrated and you can be ready to take your customers payments realy fast.

    GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program

    Affiliate marketing is now a great way to earn money online. Even if you are complete newbie, you can set up a GrooveFunnels affiliate site easily and after some search engine optimization, you can rank for certain keywords on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

    GroovePages are SEO optimized and tend to rank pretty well, so you can start by promoting GrooveFunnels as an affiliate like this and earn great income with FREE TRAFFIC.

    Once you make a sale, you get paid 20% or 40 percent from that sale. That all depends if you are free GrooveFunnels affiliate or if you did upgrade your account.

    GrooveFunnels has 2 tier affiliate program. That means that even customers you reffer can start selling GrooveFunnels and earn their 20% or 40% commission. When they make a sale, you get 5% or 10% commission as well. 

    Again, here you can see that it is worth to upgrade your Groove Funnels account to be a LIFETIME member, because you will be paid way more!


    This is an email automation tool, some people know this as an autoresponder. So yes, when you upgrade your account you can create email lists and start sending email campaigns to your subscribers.

    I believe that everyone doing business online and especially paying for traffic, need to build a list of potential customers. That way, you can later send out campaign promoting various products and services and make more money from this list without paying a cent for ads.

    Similar services cost anywhere from $30 to $450 a month, depending on the size of your list. So with GrooveMail, you can be saving several hundreds dollars every year!

    So this is one tool that is worth of the whole GrooveFunnels membership investment. It will pay off in the long run. 

    Do you want to be in a business for a long time right?

    If yes, then you will love this money-saving tool. Imagine twelve months from now, when you collect around 5K or even 10K subscribers to your email list. If your list converts at 10%, you can make 500 or 1000 extra sales of other people's products from it.  Even if profit would be $10 per sale, you can be looking at extra couple thousands withoud spending any money on ads!

    Thats what I call SMART BUSINESS MODEL!


    GrooveMember is a tool that will let you to create a membership sites and that means, you can be managing content that only your members can have access to.

    With what is going on in today's society, full of restrictions about physical contacts with other people, many businesses are taking membership sites as a great platform to create educational materials and drip feed it to their members, charging monthly membership fees!

    Creating a membership site with 1k members at $17 a month each means that you can have a recurring income of $17K every single month.

    This GrooveMember tool can and will really bring the most of your monthly income without doing much work. And again, its fully integrated with GrooveFunnels, that means you do not need to get extra services for creating membership site and therefore saving another $99 a month for this tool. And that is the bare minimum what a membership site cost monthly. Some providers charge even $247 a month for this.


    GrooveVideo is a great tool for hosting your own videos without needing to upload them to YouTube. Why would you want that? Well, let's say you have a membership site and your content is all in video. You can upload it to YouTube and embed it inside the members area.

    But when the video is finished, YouTube will show other videos at the end and that will cause your visitors to drift away to YouTube. You don't want that to happen! And that is why you should be using GrooveVideo for all your important videos.

    Again, the cheapest video hosting site cost $99 a month and you can have only 3 videos, so again, you will save so much money with this tool.


    If you want to grow your email list fast, the latest way to do it is to create a quiz. And yes, you can do tha as well from inside the GrooveFunnels without needing a third party program.

    What you can do also it to create surveys and find out what your visitors and customers want. Then just find it and deliver it to them. This way, you will be building trust with them and you can sell more stuff. 


    This is another tool that will allow you to capture leads from your websites and add them to your autoresponder tool. This way you can always keep in touch with them and built trust. You never know when someone from your leads buy the next product from you.

    And there are more tools added!

    Yes, GrooveFunnels are always evolving product. That means that if new digital tool will come up that will help you to make your online business easier, it will be available inside your members area for you to use!

    GrooveFunnels are at this moment still in BETA MODE, but thousands of people have switched to this platform waiting patiently when all the tools will be working for them, while saving hundreds of dollars every month on the same tools, if bought separatelly.

    Here is Why Over 40,122 New Users Switched to Groove Funnels to Build Their Sites with Groove Pages

    There are many other websites builders on the internet, but many of them are just that. A page builders. But Groove Funnels (a company name providing Groove Pages) are build by internet marketing experts, who wanted to build one platform pack with every tool that you might ever need, if you decide to build your business online.

    One of the internet marketers is Groove Funnels CEO - Mike Filsame. He has great reputation in the digital marketing world and has always produced a life-changing products helping average people to be successful on the internet.

    Mike Filsaime has build severat multi-million dollar businesses and saw a need for better solution for small local and online businesses. And that is the main reason he has called up several other multi-million dollar internet marketers to design a plarform that will change the way people build sites, funnels and do marketing online.

    And he has made it!

    Here are just few of the Groove Funnels testimonials that will confirm, that this is a platform that can not only save you lots of money, but also to make you more money.

    Recent Happy GrooveFunnels Users

    "This brand new software is by far the best website and funnel building platform on the market and will save me over $600+ per month bringing everything under one roof. I have been building funnels for about 10 years now and used all the other platforms on the market and this is wiping the floor with them all even in Beta. The future's bright, the future is Groove.”


    "My mind is blown - 1 month ago I started promoting GrooveFunnels™ as an affiliate... I have made over $30,000 in expected commission in just 1 month. As a newbie affiliate marketer, I am so thankful for this opportunity to promote such a game-changing all-in-one solution that is going to change the landscape of the funnel industry! This is life-changing! Wishing everyone the best on their Groove affiliate venture!”


    "I've been able to do in GrooveFunnels™ in minutes what I could not manage anywhere else for days or without hiring a developer/designer to write specific CSS code for each block and device format. Kudos! You guys are building something really special!”


    GrooveFunnels Pricing - How Much Groove Funnels Cost and Is It Worth It?

    At this moment Groove Funnels offer couple options.

    First is FREE GrooveFunnels account, where you can have 3 sites build and use some of the tools. But this free membership is extremely limited, so if you are serious about building your business online, while saving lots of money for all the tools you would need to pay every month, it would be wise to UPGRADE to the LIFETIME membership inside your account

    This upgrade is one time investment of $1,397 and you will never ever pay anything else.

    And that is a darn great deal, if you would divide it by 12 months, you would technically invest only $116 dollars. And all the years after the first 12 months, you will have it free. No more monthly payments ever.

    And if you look at the first competitor - Clickfunnels for example. Their basic monthly fee is $99 and only for a page builder!

    So what do you think? Is GrooveFunnels worth the one time membership investment???

    I believe so! Especially if you are planning to run your business online for many years to come. Imagine how much money you would save for hosting, autoresponder, video hosting site, membership site software etc... you would be looking at a pretty big numbers, because all those monthly fees really do add up, you know?

    But, dont put this off any longer, because GrooveFunnels are getting better everyday and that means that soon the lifetime one-time investment upgrade can be gone!

    And when it is, GrooveFunnels will adopt the monthly membership fees as its competitors and this is what the memberships would be and how much they would cost:

    GrooveFunnels Cost - Monthly Groove Funnels Membership Fees

    As you can see, soon GrooveFunnels will cost $99/month at the Silver lever and $199 at the Gold level. So it is a really good time to get the Free account today and upgrade before they will decide to change their membership to these pricing plans!

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    Check Out Some Of The Amazing Sites You Can Build For Your Business With Groove Pages and Groove Funnels

    As you can see, the websites build with Groove Funnels are really beautiful. Click the link below to start your Free GrooveFunnels account

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